Australia Migration Pathways

Australia Global Talent Visa Guide

By The Visas of OZ February 2021

The initial focus is on priority sectors that attract strong innovation and investment and future-proof the Australian economy.

Australia is searching for thriving businesses and talented people

Advanced manufacturing with constant innovation

Resources and critical minerals

Recycling and clean energy

Space and defence

Food technologies and agriculture

Health and life sciences with world class research

Drug and vaccine development

Implantable and wearable devices

Bionic devices

3D printing of body parts

Financial services with links to the Asia-Pacific region

Capital market and venture capital funds

Wealth management and payment system


Personal and Business Finance

Other sectors with targeted funding and incentives

Education, science and research

Culture, tourism and leisure


Nanotechnology and genomics

Track record of exceptional achievements criteria

Current international achievements

An economic asset to Australia

Strong employment prospects

Significant business opportunities

High income threshold requirement

Current salary of AUD153,600 or higher

Job offers showing high remuneration

Places for PhD graduates and PhD students

Showing exceptional talent in target sector

Gaining international recognition

Nomination by a prominent person or organisation

Australian citizen or resident.

Eligible New Zealand citizen

Australian organisation

National reputation in the same sector

Top 4 occupations and top 8 nationalities in 2019-20

University Lecturer, Software Engineer

CIO, Agricultural Scientist

Iran, India, Bangladesh, UK

China, USA, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

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15,000 places are available in 2020-21 and one may be yours