Skilled Migration Process

State Nomination Victoria

State Nomination Victoria

Victoria (VIC) is known as Australia’s “Garden State” and is a destination of choice for skilled and business migrants. It is the second-smallest state, but it has the second largest population overall and its gardens are among the most beautiful in the world. Skilled and Business Migration Program (SBMP) is managed by the Victorian Government’s Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources. SBMP is responsible for state nominations for a range of investor, business and general skilled visas.
Australia State Nomination Victoria


Nominations for general skilled visas are divided into two pathways:
  • Skilled Professionals
  • International PhD graduates
Nominations for business visas are determined by the business visa type:
Direct Application
PhD graduates and most skilled visa applicants can lodge a nomination application directly without first lodging an EoI. SBMP will send an email invitation to successful candidates and they will have four months from the date of the notification email to:
  • 2. Select Victoria as preferred state in EoI
  • 3. Provide EoI ID to SBMP
Invitation Only
Skilled visa candidates with occupations in three industry groups cannot apply directly for VIC state nomination. They need to submit an EoI through SkillSelect and indicate their interest in Victoria nomination. SBMP may invite high calibre applicants that meet its requirements, but there are no guarantees or set timeframe for receiving an invitation. Successful candidates need to submit an online application for Victoria nomination within 14 days of receiving an invitation.
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Building and Engineering
  • Nursing
Business Candidates
All business visa applicants need to submit an EoI through SkillSelect and nominate Victoria as a preferred state before lodging a nomination application. Successful candidates will receive an automatic invitation from SkillSelect advising them to lodge a formal visa application within 60 days.
There are no application fees for Victoria nomination applications.


In addition to the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) criteria for the chosen visa type, all applicants must meet applicable SBMP requirements.

Pathway specific criteria for general skilled nominations are as follows.

PhD Graduates

Skilled Professionals

  • Nominated occupation on the Nomination Occupation List for Victoria. This list is compiled according to Victoria’s medium-to-long term labour market needs and some occupations may include additional requirements, such as a minimum English language test score, registration, minimum work experience, etc.
  • English language test (ELT) with a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 in each module or equivalent. Higher ELT score may be required for some occupations.
  • Minimum two years of post-qualification work experience unless otherwise specified
  • Positive skills assessment from a relevant assessing authority
  • An offer of employment if applicable

SBMP criteria for business visas are different for each visa type and are also dependent on business visa streams.

Innovation and Investment

Business Innovation
  • Assets of at least A$400,000 for investment into a business in Victoria
  • Sufficient financial resources to support an applicant and any dependents
Business Investor
  • Designated investment of at least A$1.5 million with the Victorian Treasury Corporation
  • Engagement in additional business or non-passive investment activity in Victoria
  • Sufficient financial resources to support an applicant and any dependents
Significant Investor
  • Investment of a minimum of A$500,000 into Venture Capital and Growth Private Equity funds
  • Investment of a minimum of A$1.5 million in emerging companies
  • Investment of the remaining balance in complying investments to make up a total of at least A$5 million
  • Sufficient financial resources to support an applicant and any dependents
  • Funding agreement with an authorised third party funding body for a total of at least A$200,000
  • Detailed business plan, demonstrating an entrepreneurial activity
  • Sufficient financial resources to support an applicant and any dependents

Business Talent

Significant Business History
  • Net capital investment into the Victorian-based business of at least A$2 million
  • Detailed business proposal with supporting market research
  • Sufficient financial resources to support an applicant and any dependents
Venture Capital Entrepreneur
  • An eligible high risk innovative business with high growth potential
  • Detailed business plan prepared by an independent source
  • Sufficient financial resources to support an applicant and any dependents



All general skilled applicants are required to have adequate financial resources available to support themselves and their families. It is not required to provide evidence of financial resources at the time of application. However, it may be requested during the assessment process.

Minimum required financial resources depend on the applicant’s location and on the number of secondary applicants included in the application. Onshore applicants who work in nominated occupation need AU$20,000. Onshore applicants not working in the nominated occupation are subject to the offshore requirements.

Offshore Skilled Applicant
  • Primary Applicant
  • Primary +1 dependant
  • Primary +2 dependants
  • Primary +3 dependants
  • Primary +4 dependants
  • Primary +5 dependants
  • Primary +6 or more
  • AU$30,000
  • AU$35,000
  • AU$40,000
  • AU$50,000
  • AU$60,000
  • AU$70,000
  • AU$80,000


All skilled and business applicants must agree to the following conditions:

  • Notify SBMP of the visa grant and the arrival in Australia.
  • Live and work in Victoria for two years after arrival or visa grant.
  • Supply residential address and contact details to SBMP when settled in Victoria.
  • Advise of contact details changes within the first 2 years of living in Victoria.
  • Complete five email surveys.


The 12 weeks processing time applies to all skilled visa nomination applications including PhD graduates. Business visas nominations are usually decided within four weeks from the time a completed application is received, but the processing time can vary depending on the business visa stream.

Follow the Yellow Pattern Road and book a comprehensive consultation

Follow the Yellow Pattern Road and book a comprehensive consultation