Skilled Migration Process

Skilled Migration How-To

Skilled Migration How-To migration makes up almost 70% of the Australian permanent migration and its goal is to attract qualified specialists, managers and business people who will contribute to the growing Australian economy. If you are a qualified specialist or a trades person under 45 years of age, follow the 12 how-to steps to get a Skilled visa to Australia and make your dreams come true.
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Total Time: 1080 days

Get a free assessment of your chances in skilled migration.

Australia Professional Migration Eligibility
To receive a free assessment of your chances in skilled migration complete Professional Migration assessment and provide detailed answers to all questions and , in particular, accurate information about your education including educational institutions, years of study, courses names, and work experience including years of employment, positions names and job tasks.
Complete assessment at: Professional Migration Eligibility
  Australia Professional Migration Eligibility Free Expert Migration Advice

Decide if you need a migration agent’s assistance or can do it yourself.

Australia Visa Immigration Assistance
A registered migration agent (RMA) is a qualified professional who is registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). It is not required to use an agent, but if an individual decides to seek assistance, they should engage a registered migration agent. RMA can recommend a suitable visa option and help lodge a decision-ready application with all required documents.
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  Australia Visa Immigration Assistance Registered Migration Agents

Determine a suitable occupation that is relevant to your qualifications and work experience and is present on the MLTSSL, STSOL or ROL lists of the eligible skilled occupations.

Australia Visa Skills Assessment
To apply for a Points Tested Skilled Migration visa, an applicant must nominate an occupation that is on the relevant list of eligible skilled occupations and provide evidence that skills have been assessed as suitable by the relevant assessing authority.
Read more at: Skills Assessment General
 Australia Visa Skills Assessment

Calculate your likely score in points test.

Australia Visa Points Test
When applying for skilled migration visas and for some business migration visas, applicants need to pass the points test.The test is used to help select people with the skills and attributes that are needed most in Australia. Points can be allocated based on business or professional skills, qualifications, English language knowledge, age and other criteria. Applicants must score sufficient points to reach…
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  Australia Visa Points Test

Determine applicable assessing authority requirements and submit skills assessment application.

Australia Skills Assessment Authorities
Based on the number of visas granted in Skilled Streams in 2014-2015 and 2015-2016, it can be assumed that around 100,000 skills assessments are undertaken each year. Major assessing authorities are VETASSESS, ACS, Engineers Australia, TRA, ANMAC and accounting bodies CAANZ, CPAA and IPA. Skills assessment criteria are dependent on the nominated occupation and are determined by each assessing authority in accordance with relevant professional standards.
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   Australia Skills Assessment Authorities

Pass an English language test and get a required score to meet English requirements.

Australia Visa English Requirements
People who are interested to be considered for a skilled visa must complete an English language test (ELT) before submitting an Expression of Interest (EoI) through SkillSelect. There is no requirement to attach ELT results to an EOI. However, accurate information must be entered in an EOI that matches the information on the supporting documents.
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   Australia Visa English Requirements IELTS TOEFL PTE CAE OET English Language Tests

Receive a positive skills assessment and submit an Expression of Interest.

Australia Visa SkillSelect EoI
SkillSelect is an online system designed specifically for skilled and business migration programs. It helps the federal government to manage the selection process and the timing and the number of applications in order to ensure that both migration programs are aligned with Australia’s economic needs. SkillSelect also helps state and territory governments to address regional skill shortages.
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   Australia Visa SkillSelect EoI

Submit an application for state/territory or regional nomination if your occupation is on STSOL or ROL lists or if you want to increase your chances of being invited to apply for a visa.

Australia Visa State Nomination
The Australian federal government, in consultation with state and territory governments introduced a range of State Specific and Regional Migration (SSRM) schemes designed to address skill shortages in the regions, to attract business people and to encourage a more balanced settlement of Australia’s skilled migrant intake. These initiatives focus on attracting young, skilled, English speaking migrants to areas of Australia where they are needed.
Read more at: State Nomination General
  Australia Visa State Nomination

Receive an invitation to apply for a visa and submit your application.

Australia Visas Invitation Rounds
Australia is using points-based systems for the majority of its permanent skilled migration programs. Points are awarded for a number of characteristics that include age, educational qualifications, work experience and English language proficiency. Prospective migrants are ranked according to their points test score. Invitations are issued on a regular basis and the top-ranked applicants are invited to apply for a visa.
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  Australia Visas Invitation Rounds EoI Selection Process

You and members of your family need to meet health requirements.

Australia Visa Health Requirements
Australia’s healthcare system has been ranked second amongst 11 high-income countries in the 2017 study by The Commonwealth Fund. To keep up these high standards, most visa applicants and their dependants are required to meet certain health criteria prior to visa grant. The specific requirements depend on personal circumstances and the type of visa.
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  Australia Visa Health Requirements

You and members of your family need to meet character requirements.

Australia Visa Character Requirements
To ensure public safety and community welfare, everyone who wishes to enter Australia must satisfy a set of conditions that determine if a person is and has been law-abiding. All visa applicants and their dependants included in the application must be of good character and will be assessed against these criteria.
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 Australia Visa Character Requirements

Receive visa grant letter.

Australia Migration Flows and Policies
Australia operates a universal visa system under which all non-citizens entering Australia are required to have a valid visa in order to stay in the country legally. There are 2 main visa categories, permanent and temporary, which allow visa holders to remain in Australia either on a permanent or temporary basis respectively. The two visa categories often interact with each other and many immigrants are using temporary immigration as a stepping stone to permanent residency.
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  Australia Migration Flows and Policies Universal Visa System