Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia
Tourism Australia is an Australian government agency responsible for promoting Australia as a tourist destination and for attracting international visitors to Australia for leisure and for business and it also encourages Australians to spend their holidays domestically. Tourism Australia was established in 2004 by the Tourism Australia Act 2004, but its roots can be traced to 1967, when Australian Tourist Commission was founded by the Australian Tourist Commission Act 1967. The organisation’s activities include advertising, media programs, trade shows and industry programs, consumer promotions, online communications and consumer research.

Tourism Statistics

Australia is ranked 10th in the world for global tourism expenditure and the 1st for spend per visitor. 9.3 million international visitors arrived in Australia and their trip spend was AU$44.6 billion in 2018–19. China remained Australia’s most valuable tourism market with AU$11.9 billion trip spend in 2018–19 which made up 27% of the total market. But in terms of visitor numbers, China was matched by New Zealand with each country taking 15% share of the visitor numbers. United States and United Kingdom followed closely with 9% and 8% respective shares in both trip spend and visitor markets.

The average spend per night in capital cities and the Gold Coast is AU$175, while in regional areas it is AU$144. But despite this difference, regional areas dominate the top 10 performers list as they take advantage of their unique locations and products.

Top 10 Tourism Regions by average spend per night and length of stay
  • Lasseter (Northern Territory)
  • Barkly (Northern Territory)
  • Macdonnell (Northern Territory)
  • Kangaroo Island (South Australia)
  • Barossa (South Australia)
  • Alice Springs (Northern Territory)
  • Launceston and The North (Tasmania)
  • Hobart and the South (Tasmania)
  • Snowy Mountains (New South Wales)
  • Adelaide (South Australia)

Tourism Resources

Tourism Australia provides the tourism industry with resources and tools to promote its marketing campaign “There is nothing like Australia”. We are grateful to Tourism Australia for their support and permission to use the selected videos from Tourism Australia Video Gallery. This acknowledgement is a small token of our appreciation and we hope it will help to encourage more people to visit Australia.