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Distinguished Talent Assessment

Distinguished Talent Assessment

In order to have a record of exceptional and outstanding achievement a person should be at the very top of their field and have outstanding achievements in comparison to their peers who are also positioned as the very best in that field. The record could be in a profession, sports, art or academic research. Distinguished Talent category is applicable only to people with a renowned talent and international achievements that are of exceptional benefit to the Australian community. This category forms a small part of Skilled migration and its planning levels remained the same in the last 2 years and are currently set at 200 places.
Australia Distinguished Talent Assessment


A single and the only significant achievement, would not be regarded as exceptional and outstanding. In addition, an exceptional level of performance in a job does not constitute an exceptional and outstanding achievement.

International Achievements
  • demonstrate extraordinary and remarkable abilities, be dominant in the field and have a record of ongoing achievements that is likely to continue in future
  • achievements need to be acknowledged as exceptional in any country where the relevant field is practised
  • the field need to have recognition and acceptance in Australia as well as in the world
Asset to the Australian Community
  • be of economic, social or cultural benefit to the community
  • improve Australia’s international standing in sport, art or academia
  • contribute to the nation as a whole and not just to a local community
  • If younger than 18 or older than 55 years of age, must be of exceptional benefit that would elevate the international standing of the particular field in Australia.


Nomination can be provided by an eligible person or organisation with a national reputation in the same field:

  • an Australian peak body or organisation
  • an Australian citizen
  • an Australian permanent resident
  • an eligible New Zealand citizen
Nominating person must be highly regarded in the whole of Australia and not just in one state or territory.

Follow the Yellow Pattern Road for a free visa assessment

Follow the Yellow Pattern Road for a free visa assessment

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